Founder Clarence C. Mitchell

Why I decided to light up the grill and start my own BBQ sauce and spice company - Uncle Clarence BBQ.

by Clarence Mitchell on Dec 19, 2023

The history on how we got started

My name is Clarence C. Mitchell, and I am the founder of Mitchell Foods LLC. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to witness my father's unwavering passion for cooking. I can still recall the joy on his face as he watched people relish the flavors of his cuisine. His culinary expertise was widely acknowledged, and his dishes were always met with enthusiasm.

 During our family gatherings at my uncle's home, my father would take over my aunt's kitchen, preparing breakfast and lunch for everyone. Despite my aunt's strict kitchen rules, my father never gave up his love for cooking. I often suggested he open a restaurant, but he would laugh and say it would feel like too much work. I didn't understand his perspective until people started requesting me to cook for them, and I found myself laughing at them with the same excuse my father gave me.

 The truth is, I love cooking, and like my father, I enjoy taking over other people's kitchens. My heart fills with joy as I watch others relish the food I prepare. However, I am grateful that I have a choice instead of having to do it every day. This allows me to pour my heart and soul into every dish without any other pressures, except for those I place on myself.

 Similar to my father, I start cleaning and marinating my ribs 24 hours before an event. I recall watching him sit in a chair next to the sink with a small sharp knife after cleaning his ribs with baking soda and lime juice, rinsing them off with cold water, and trimming off the fat until they were perfect to him. He took his time, and now my son watches me follow the same process and ask the same questions I use to ask my father.

 During 2020, I was out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and my deteriorating eyesight. My wife and cousin suggested I start a cooking business, as the local BBQ in our area didn't meet our standards. Our cooking stood out because of the sauce and spices we used, and it was these ingredients that made our dishes exceptional. Therefore, we decided to sell our sauces and spices, allowing people to recreate the same taste that my dad and I are passionate about at home. And that's the reason why we're here today.

The Mighty Impact of Our Name and the Story Behind Our Logo

The origin of Uncle Clarence BBQ dates back to my childhood. As a kid, my cousins would excitedly spread the word that my father was cooking, and there was always an electric buzz in the air "Uncle Clarence Is Cooking". His cooking became synonymous with the feeling of being at home, and it was a significant part of our family's culture. This essence is what we strive to share with every home through our products: that same level of excitement and joy.

It's remarkable that even today, when I talk to my cousins or family friends who had the pleasure of experiencing my dad's cooking, the first thing they mention is the delicious hamburger or pork BBQ spare ribs he grilled for them. His love and passion for cooking and BBQ were genuine and infectious. He instilled that same passion and love in me, and it's something that cannot be rushed or replicated. My dad put his heart and soul into every meal, taking the time to get the flavors just right. This approach to cooking is what made everything taste so amazingly delicious.

 Years prior to my father's passing, my parents captured a moment in time during a family reunion while seated on the steps of a church in North Carolina. The image conveyed a deep sense of love and passion they shared, which resonated with me profoundly. I placed this photo in my home's entryway, serving as a constant reminder of their love. When creating our brand, this image was the only thing that could capture the love we have for our products and our customers. It took us six attempts to get the logo right, but we finally did, and we believe it represents the same love and passion that my parents had for each other and that we have for everyone we work with.

 A Commitment to Quality

We are dedicated to utilizing only the highest quality ingredients in our products. As our products are a staple in our homes, we're committed to ensuring that our customers receive the same quality that we demand for ourselves. We stand by our products as they're a vital part of our daily routine, and we wouldn't sell anything that we wouldn't use personally. Our seasoning and spices are versatile and can be used with various dishes. As my father would often say, there's a noticeable difference in taste when you use high-quality ingredients. From the moment you open the bottle, the aroma of the spices and seasonings is tantalizing, and as you cook, the blend of flavors will leave you hungry. Ultimately, using only the highest quality ingredients is crucial to achieving the exceptional taste and quality we're known for. Anything less would be substandard.

Community involvement

This has always been an integral part of our business. From the outset, we've had opportunities to contribute and donate to community initiatives aimed at keeping kids off the streets and engaging them in sports. Growing up, I was an avid football, basketball, and baseball enthusiast, and my father was a die-hard New York Mets and Jets fan, so sports have always been close to my heart. In June of this past year, we donated our signature Sauce and Spice to VFW Post 9168 in Texas for their annual cook-off. It was our way of expressing gratitude to all the veterans who have served our country. My father, uncles, and aunts, as well as a few cousins, are all veterans, and it feels good to give back to those who have done so much for our nation.

The future for Uncle Clarence BBQ

Our vision for Uncle Clarence BBQ sauces and spices is to have them readily available in stores, allowing consumers to purchase them conveniently. Although we are working on introducing new options, we prefer to focus on producing quality over quantity. Thus, our goal is to take our time and grow our product line thoughtfully. While we cannot predict the future, we remain optimistic and open to the possibility of expanding into the restaurant business.

Customers feedbacks

It brings me immense joy to hear people in my neighborhood express their appreciation for our sauces and spices. Witnessing their enthusiasm as they describe the various ways they've incorporated our products into their meals is truly gratifying. It's always fascinating to hear about the unexpected ways in which they use our products, like adding our sauce to their french fries. Creating something that brings people joy and inspires their culinary creativity is a truly remarkable experience.

Join the Uncle Clarence BBQ Family

The journey of witnessing the growth of our brand and sharing my father's legacy has been an incredible experience. Our spices and sauce have enabled families to experience my father's love and passion, even if they never had the chance to meet him, creating new memories with their loved ones. It's fulfilling, even on challenging days. My son, Matthew, who is six years old, and my wife both hold ownership in our company and play integral roles in our endeavor. As a small family, we are working together to develop and grow our business while simultaneously building a legacy.That's why we always say, "we're family, and so are you." By trying our brand, you become part of our extended family, sharing the love we pour into every bottle and creating memories with us.

Uncle Clarence BBQ is here to elevate your BBQ experience, whether grilling in your backyard, hosting a family gathering, or competing in BBQ competitions. Our sauces and spices will transport you to a place of flavor-filled memories. Join us on our journey as we honor Uncle Clarence's legacy and spread the joy of BBQ with each bottle of Uncle Clarence BBQ sauce and spice.

Thank you for your interest and for trying our brand.

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