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Welcome to Uncle Clarence BBQ, where tradition and family still reign supreme. Our founder, Clarence C. Mitchell, named this brand after his father, Clarence Foster Mitchell, who was a true master of the grill. Uncle Clarence spent his life perfecting his unique recipes for BBQ rubs, seasonings, and barbecue sauces, which are now proudly passed on to you through our products.

The best thing about barbecue products is the fact that they’re so versatile. You can use our vast range of products in all kinds of recipes, making them the perfect inclusion for any occasion. From classic BBQ dishes to tasty salads and sandwiches, our handcrafted BBQ sauces and rubs will improve the quality and taste of any meal.

Here at Uncle Clarence BBQ, we believe that barbecue is more than just a meal; it’s an art form that brings people together to create lifelong memories. You can use our award-winning BBQ sauce to transform just about any meal into a masterpiece that’ll have your friends and family talking about it for months. So, come join our community and experience the joy of family, music, and barbecue.

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It All Started With A Man Named Clarence.

Uncle Clarence BBQ creates time-honored, unique, and absolutely delicious sauces and seasonings that help families celebrate the present, with a little help from the recipes of our past. Take the time to see all the BBQ rub, seasonings, and barbecue sauces we have in stock on our site. We know it won’t take long for you to discover why our recipe creates what many consider to be the best BBQ sauce in the business.

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